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Should I Sell My Home?

Should I sell my home right now? This is one of the most consistent questions we are receiving during these uncertain times. However, the answer vastly depends on your unique situation. We compiled a small list of specific reasons you may be selling and your questions answered below. We hope that this helps to settle your immediate concerns whether you are planning to list your Moorpark Home For Sale or anywhere in Ventura County.
Selling an investment property: Selling an investment property may feel like a comforting way to put extra cash in your pocket during uncertain times. This may or may not be an ideal time to cash out. Depending on the price range of your investment property and specific location it may be a better time to list your investment as a rental property and still allow yourself extra cash flow. We’d be happy to help you review your options so that you can make the most education decision possible.
Selling your primary residence: If you were planning on selling your primary residence prior to COVID19 and are still hoping to list we would be happy to assist. There are many options available to us to help complete the process entirely virtually. While there are several new restrictions in place, interest rates are still very low and enticing for many buyers. You may be surprised with the interest in your property during this time!
Selling your “starter home:” This may be an ideal time to sell your “starter home” as there are still many more buyers than inventory available in this specific type of market. Homes for sale in Ventura County under $800,000 seem to be thriving in the current market. If you are looking to list your Mountain Meadows, Peach Hill, or Belmont home this may be an ideal time. If you live in a different neighborhood please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to do a brief analysis for you of the best options available right now.
Overall the best advice that we can offer is that there is no harm in testing the market. Let us help you explore all your options available for your specific situation and we would be happy to help you make the right decision for your family.