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Spotlight on the Verona Neighborhood in Moorpark, CA

The Verona neighborhood is located in Moorpark, California. It mostly features expansive homes that are competitively priced. Most of the homes here were homes were built from 1990 – 1996 and most have from 4 –5 bedrooms ranging in size from 2386 – 4083 square feet. As such, the homes in the Verona neighborhood are relatively new and the surrounding community well established and low in crime. What makes other features make the Verona so attractive? Let’s take a look at some reasons why so many growing families have chosen to make this community their home.


Amenities are not only nice to have in neighborhood and make it more comfortable; it also boosts a home’s value. Here are some amenities that most home in the Verona have.

• Large lots, many have ample space for a pool if one is not already built-in.
• Stunning views of the surrounding county and communities.
• Reasonable HOA fees that cover front landscape and community pool maintenance.
• All floor plans have indoor laundry.
• Community Pool!
• Excellent schools, friendly neighborhoods with parks and recreational opportunities.


The Verona neighborhood lies within the Moorpark School District. The schools here are among some of the top rated institutions in the area. A partial list of Verona/Moorpark schools is provided below:
Arroyo West K-5, public
Chaparral Middle School 6-8, public
Moorpark High School 9-12, public

More Verona Facts

The Verona neighborhood is located directly across the street from Moorpark High School. This is very convenient for students to be able to walk to school to avoid the hassles of a high school parking lot! The Verona neighborhood is also very close to the local shopping center including Vons and Lemmo’s! Lemmo’s is a local, family-owned restaurant that you will certainly want to try and you can simply stroll over! The tightknit community vibe that exists in the Verona neighborhood is truly something amazing and something that any young family will appreciate.
You can search many homes for sale in this community online. However, the bottom line is that shopping for a home online is not necessarily a bad thing but you should always supplement it with an in person viewing with a qualified agent. The Verona neighborhood in Moorpark, CA is an ideal community with above average schools and amenities. As a Moorpark realtor with many Moorpark homes for sale, I can help you in your search for the perfect home by giving you information that you cannot otherwise obtain with a brief search through the online home aggregating sites.


5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Realtor

Whether you are in the market for your first or fifteenth home, finding the right realtor is a huge key to locating and settling into exactly the place you want. The right realtor can make the entire home buying process – from making negotiations, communicating with the others involved – much easier. So how will you know when you’ve chosen the right realtor to guide you through the all too-real journey of buying a home? Read on to discover how you can tell if the realtor you have chosen will be a help or a hindrance to your home buying efforts.
Agents, Brokers, and Realtors: What’s the Difference?
Real Estate Agent – An agent is a real estate professional who has earned a license to help people buy sell or invest in homes. They must pass their state’s real estate licensing exam before they are able to help the public. Once done, they must align themselves with a real estate brokerage
Broker – This is a real estate agent or realtor who represents sellers or buyers of real estate property. They often work under a licensed broker to represent clients. Additionally, a broker must pass a specific exam to earn certification.
Realtor – A realtor is a licensed real estate salesperson who belongs to the National Association of REALTORS®
Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Real Estate Agent
• The agent you’ve chosen is knowledgeable: This is the primary value that an agent can bring to homebuyers and sellers. They should be familiar with all areas of real estate and be familiar with the market in which you are home shopping.
• Your real estate agent is responsive, available, and communicative: The agent you’ve chosen must be someone who will return your calls and answer any questions you may have. A great agent understands the importance of keeping in contact with his/her client as delays can cause deadlines to be missed, etc.
• They are persistent: A good agent not only knows that real estate is full of setbacks and delays but he or she must also know how to persist in getting the results their clients desire.
• You like being around them: When you engage a real estate agent you are also starting a relationship that may last for some time. Therefore, be sure that you can get along with the person you have chosen to do business with.
• They’re honest with you: Honesty is the best policy when it comes to real estate agent/client interactions. A good real estate agent should be able to give you the harsh truth that what you’re looking for is not available if necessary.
Screening Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents
So how do you find the right agent? One way is to ask questions – plenty of questions, such as:
• How many years have you been in the business?
• Is your real estate license in good standing?
• How many other clients are you working with?
• Have you ever recommended that a buyer not buy a property? Why?
Whether you’re looking for Moorpark homes for sale or searching in some other area of Ventura County, hiring the wrong real estate agent can be disastrous. That is why you should take as much care as possible in choosing the right partner in your search for a home. As the number one Century 21 Small Teams Realtor Nationwide, our team can help you find the home of your dreams and we will strive to make the process as seamless as possible.


Tips for Visiting Open Houses: Rules Everyone Should Follow

Whether you are a window shopper or a serious potential buyer, open houses present the perfect opportunity to browse the inside of a home that may one day be yours. Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse at the neighborhood and neighbors who may someday make up the community around you. Finally, they are the perfect chance to gain valuable information on the very practical aspects of purchasing a particular home. So, how do you get the most out of this opportunity? Here is some information about open houses and the etiquette involved in attending one.
What is an Open House?
An open house is an event where potential buyers can tour a home that is on the market. The benefits of these occasions are several: First, potential home buyers don’t have to make a schedule to attend an open house. Second, it gives home shoppers an opportunity to “scout out” the competition. Finally, it gives potential home owners valuable data on a home that appeals to them.
How to Find Open Houses
As already stated earlier, open homes do not have to be scheduled. This makes them very convenient but sometimes tricky to find. However, there are four ways to know when a house is available for viewing:
• Ask your agent
• Use listing websites
• Use social media
• Simply drive around a neighborhood until you find one that appeals to you.

How to Attend an Open House
Once you’ve found a house that appeals to you, here’s what you should do once you decide to look further into what may be your new home one day.
• Kindly wipe your feet before walking in: Remember that you are entering into someone else’s home.
• Register your name when you walk in: This is necessary for the realtor so that he/she can have your contact information and for security purposes.
• Ask questions: Now is the time to speak up so that there are no misunderstandings should you decide to make an offer. Ask probing questions such as – When does the seller want to move? Are there any issues? Have there been any renovations or recent repairs made to the home? What are the HOA restrictions? What are the average utility costs?
• Get in and out efficiently: Be mindful of others who may be there. Open houses are not an invitation to loiter or wander about aimlessly. Also, watch your children if you have them with you.
• Take notes and record a video if you are permitted to do so: You may need to do this if you attend several open houses in a short span of time. This can also be ideal if you are traveling from out of town to help jog your memory later.
My final piece of advice is to try to have fun. Researching houses does not have to be as stressful as some people make it out to be. This is particularly true if you engage the right agent to help you. You can view many Moorpark homes for sale by my team, Tina Hare and Associates, one of the best Moorpark realtors and the number one Century 21 Agent Nationwide for Small Teams!