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Working with Tina Hare & Associates

Working with Tina Hare & Associates allows you a significant upper hand in the rapidly changing market we are facing due to COVID-19. I’m sure many of you are worried about how to buy and sell in this market, how it will affect the value of your home(s), and what the future may hold. Luckily, Tina Hare & Associates is proud to offer you guidance and reassurance during this difficult time.

Are homes still selling? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we are receiving right now. The simple answer is, YES. We have had multiple homes sell with multiple offers and some above list price! While not as many homes are years prior may be selling, the market is still strong and stable across price variations. If you have a specific question about your home or situation we would be happy to discuss the details with you.

What has changed? Tina Hare & Associates provides you and all of our clients with masks and gloves when necessary. We are able to offer virtual tours and virtual open houses. We offer a strategic marketing plan that is well thought-out for each unique home and will walk you through all of the details.

Should I wait to sell? Inventory is at nearly an all-time low! If anything this is a fantastic time to sell since homeowners who are searching are facing extremely low inventory and are serious to make a move quickly! You will likely face a shorter “on market” timeline and only have to deal with serious buyers.

Overall, our best advice is to give us a call so that we can discuss the plan that makes the most sense for you and your family. However, we want to reassure you that we can safely help you buy and sell right now if you decide that is the right decision for your family. Here is a quick message from Tina herself, https://youtu.be/hvKYanEpGO4.

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Virtual Tours

During these unforeseen times Real Estate, much like every other business, has been forced to adjust to align with social distancing regulations. However, these circumstances should not prevent you from selling your home, investing in a new home, or purchasing your dream home. It does mean that we need to take extra precautions in order to ensure the safety of your family and everyone else involved. Luckily, there are still many ways including Virtual Tours, our team can help you adjust to these new regulations.

  • Phone Apps such as Zillow and Redfin. In this digital age, most people are very familiar with searching for properties digitally. These apps are still functioning with accurate and up-to-date information. This is one of the most efficient ways for you to inform yourself of available listings in real time.
  • Digital Tours. Some homes have recorded video of the property that you can watch from the privacy of your own home. Other homes have digital walk-throughs available. Either option is great for giving you a more interactive tour than viewing still photos.
  • Facetime. We are able to Facetime available properties for you so that you can ask questions as we tour the property and take your time to make sure you feel comfortable.
  • While we realize this can be a difficult adjustment as we all figure out a “new normal” these precautions allow us to best serve you in the immediate future. We want to remind all of our clients that we are available day or night to address any concerns you may have during this time and we understand you may be facing additional worries. We are informing ourselves daily of the ever changing guidelines and making sure we are taking every precaution necessary to help keep everyone safe. If we can assist you with a virtual tour please feel free to reach out to us at any time 805-990-7580.


    The Coronavirus: How it May and Already has Impacted the Housing Market

    There has scarcely been an industry that has not been affected by COVID-19 better known as the Coronavirus. This of course includes the real estate industry, which is by definition a business that is intimately connected with the health of the overall economy, and therein may be an indicator of how profoundly COVID-19 will affect the housing market. Where goes the economy so goes the housing market which although not subject to the volatile up and downs of the stock market, is still a part of our financial system.
    Specific Effects the Virus may have on the Housing Market
    For now the impact of the Coronavirus has not had an effect on the real estate industry. However, that is likely to change as developments around this crisis continue. Here are several ways COVID-19 may ultimately impact buyers and sellers.
    • Mortgage rates could fall as a result of Coronavirus. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already cut its forecast for global economic growth by 0.1%, despite the impact Coronavirus is having on businesses.
    • The outbreak may drive investors into the bond markets, where lower rates are creating more attractive debt/refinance options.
    • Some domestic buyers may be dissuaded by rising economic uncertainly in light of the impact the virus is already having on the overall economy. Buyers who can make regular monthly payments are likely to take advantage of falling interest rates to significantly reduce their borrowing costs. This is a benefit they will be able to enjoy long after the virus has receded.
    • New home construction in California could slow down even further. The Coronavirus is already disrupting supply chains that the California Building Industry uses to support new home construction. As this disruption continues, the cost of materials may increase or become limited. This may impact the cost of construction and ultimately housing itself.
    While it is true that the Coronavirus already is having an impact on the housing market, it is also true that ours is a resilient industry. We have survived many a crisis and have continued to thrive as one of our nation’s most important industries. Thus, if you are looking for a Moorpark realtor we are still able to provide you with many options in a new home. We have Moorpark homes for sale that are still solid investments in a time of uncertainty.