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Spotlight on the Madison County Neighborhood in Simi Valley, CA

Madison County is located just minutes away from the 118 Freeway in the foothills of Simi Valley, California. Life here has a small town feel yet the area consists of 349 luxury homes and is surrounded by bike paths, hiking trails and mountain bike trails plus a stunning view of the nearby hills. The homes in Madison County are relatively new and the surrounding communities are well-established and low in crime. What other features make this area so attractive? Let’s take a look at some reasons why so many growing families have chosen to make this community their home.
Madison County, Simi Valley consists of four tracts Cedar Falls, Sage Meadows, Hawk Crest Hills and Southcrest. The four tracts offer a variety of floor plans with a unique setting in the rolling hills of Simi Valley. Here are some amenities that are present in most new homes in Madison County.
• Large lots and multi-bay garages
• Stunning views of the surrounding county and communities.
• HOA’s
• Laundry rooms.
• New appliances and other extras.
• Floor plans including: Cedar Falls Floor Plans, Southcrest Floor Plans, Sage Meadows Floor Plans and Hawk Crest Hills Floor Plans
Madison County – which is in the Simi Valley Unified School District – has some of the best schools in the region based on a variety of measures, including academic performance and equity. According to some of these are:

Hollow Hills Elementary School, Public, K-6 | 673 students, 30 reviews, 9/10
Vista Elementary School, Public, K-6 | 658 students, 32 reviews, 7/10
Atherwood Elementary School, Public, K-6 | 536 students, 26 reviews, 6/10
Big Springs Elementary School, Public, K-6 | 595 students, 33 reviews, 6/10
White Oak Elementary School, Public, K-6 | 428 students
Bottom line: The Madison County neighborhood in Simi Valley, CA is an ideal community with above average schools, amenities and a prosperous business community. Madison County is also near top-rated restaurants, shopping, parks, etc. Fine dining establishments in Madison County include: Barton’s Steak and Seafood, Larsen’s Grill, Sushi Tanaka et al. As a Simi Valley realtor with many Simi Valley homes for sale, my team can help you in your search for the perfect home by giving you information that you cannot otherwise obtain on your own. Additionally, we will fight so that you get the best home for the best price.

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Big Sky in Simi Valley: An Overview

Big Sky in Simi Valley, California is composed of several communities. These tracks are Tioga, Crosspoint, Plum Creek, Walnut Grove, The Highlands, The Bluffs, Winstone, Glenmeadows, etc. The Tioga and Crosspoint neighborhoods are the smallest, averaging about 2,000 sq ft – 2,300 sq ft in size and staring in price at $600,000. Then there are the two slightly larger tracks Plum Creek and Walnut Grove tracks that average from about 2,600 sq ft to 3,000 sq ft in size. Homes in these communities range in price from $700,000-780,000. Homes in the remaining tracks are larger and more expensive.
Living in Big Sky
As you might expect, prime real estate in Big Sky is located near local shopping and recreation and other amenities such as: full of cul-de-sac streets, bike and walking pathways and hiking trails that link the neighborhoods together, its own park, etc. In other words, Big Sky puts outdoor recreation right outside the front door of its residents.
Homes in Big Sky
The homes in Big Sky offer buyers a great deal of choices when it comes to design and architectural styles. This variety widens your options as to the kind of home you wish to purchase and live in. Amenities available in and near these homes include:
• Large lots.
• Stunning views of the surrounding tracks.
• Laundry rooms.
• Newer appliances
• Excellent schools, friendly neighborhoods with parks and recreational opportunities
• A wide variety of floor plans
As a Simi Valley realtor, I know that living in the right community plays a crucial role in a homeowner’s life. It plays a vital role in the quality of the schools your children will attend, the entertainment venues you will have access to and well as the career opportunities you will have. Big Sky’s nine tracks are near a number of other growing communities and provide residents with a wealth of lifestyle amenities. Contact my team today to visit a home in one of these vibrant communities. We can help assist you in making the perfect selection in a new home and neighborhood.

2020 housing market

2020 Housing Market Forecast

Updates on the 2020 housing market.

Covid19 continues to affect many parts of the economy, the 2020 housing market included. But is there room for hope that the market may begin a rebound this year? Let’s look at some forecasts for the rest of 2020 and see where we are and where we may be headed.
As a result of COVID19’s impact on the general economy, the site Zillow has done some number crunching on where home prices are likely to go this year. According to them, home prices will most likely fall 2%-to-3% through the end of the year from pre-Coronavirus levels.’s Senior Economist George Raitu, has also made a forecast for the housing market in 2020. According to this expert, “…sales of homes will fall 15% in 2020 with prices flattening.” While this isn’t amazing news there may be some good news as there may be a light at the end of this tunnel that may shine through by the end of 2021.
Factors that will Continue to Affect Home Valuation in 2020

• A longer economic downturn as states reopen in an uncoordinated way. (Some states have reopened and then had to shut back down as COVID19 continues to spread.) These continued false starts may continue to lower home values.

• Ineffective or insufficient federal fiscal relief efforts. This will impact most buyers’ ability to purchase homes.

• Ineffective relief for the mortgage industry.

• Low inventory.

The site does forecast a short-term bump in sales for late summer and early fall due to low mortgage rates and other factors. Another driver for a stronger third quarter they say are Millennials with families who want to settle into new homes before the school year begins. However, they do not expect this increase in sales to last into the fourth quarter of 2020.
These rapid developments in the housing market are why you need a realtor who can trace, interpret and use data to help you know when or even if you should sell or buy a home. My Ventura County real estate team can help you decide what is best for you in the near and long term. We currently have Ventura County homes for sale that are selling quickly and with multiple offers! There are a limited number of homes on the market for this time of year so despite the state of the economy it may be the best time to sell or buy! Let us know how we can help you achieve your real estate goals before the end of this year.

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When is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home?

When is the best time to sell your home? If you own a home in one of the many Thousand Oaks neighborhoods you may have wondered this question several times. According to conventional wisdom, summer is the best time of year to sell a house. According to ATTOM Data Solution’s analysis of 28 million single-family home and condo sales over the past eight years, summer is the ideal season and May is the perfect month to sell your home. However, the answer is a little more complicated than it would appear to be on the surface. We’ve laid out the different factors you should consider when deciding when to sell your home. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to land on a time frame that can help you achieve your goals.
Summer vs. Winter
As we’ve stated, summer is traditionally seen at the best time of year to sell a home. The reasons many people find this to be the case is so that they can take advantage of warm weather and they can purchase a home while school is in recess. Moreover, many people choose this as the optimum time to sell their home because foot traffic is bound to be heavier. In other words, potential buyers are more likely to want to venture out to view homes when the weather is pleasant. For this reason, spring is also a popular time to sell a home. In contrast, the winter months are seen as a less than ideal time to sell a home. People are less likely to want to go home hunting in the cold. Additionally, families will often have to disrupt their children’s schooling when they move during the fall or winter. Nevertheless, there are some people who are relocating for their businesses and often do so in December and January.
Additional Factors that go into Deciding when to Sell a House
• Whether or not it’s a seller market: If there are more home buyers than there are sellers than this can help sellers. Such a market can occur any time of the year.
• Whether or not you are ready to sell: Sellers must be ready to make the transition from an emotional and financial standpoint.
• Mortgage interest rates are low: When mortgage rates are exceptionally low, prospective homebuyers find this to be an ideal time to buy a house.
Typically, sellers list their homes in the spring and summer in order to take advantage of good weather. However, other factors can go into the decision of when to sell a house and how successful someone may be doing so. As a Ventura County Realtor, I can help you with my knowledge of the market and exclusive neighborhoods including: Lynn Ranch, Lynnmere Estates, Conejo Oaks, Lang Ranch, Oakbrook and many others. I can point you in the direction of Thousand Oaks homes for sale and can help you achieve your goals if you are a seller as well.

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6 Summer Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Want to finally tackle that home to-do list that has been sitting around your home for some time? As a Simi Valley Realtor I can testify that Summer is the perfect time to get to it. Not only will it feel great to check things off your “to-do list” at the same time so can also add value to your home by making it more attractive to potential buyers. Here are some fun projects you can tackle this summer.
• Get your yard in shape: You can make your lawn look amazing without being a master gardener. Start by clearing away leaves and other debris. Next mow it, pull weeds and dead leaves and shrubs. You will be amazed at how these little things will add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. If you really want to sculpt your yard into a thing to be envied, you may also wish to visit a nursery to purchase flowers, plants, young trees etc. The time, money and energy you invest in getting your yard into shape will pay huge dividends when it comes time to put your home on the market.
• Repair and refresh any walkways: Cracks in concrete, loose bricks or chipped stones are small things that can make your home look cheap. They can also create a safety hazard for your family and others who visit your property. Consider pulling weeds from the cracks in your cement, sealing those cracks, power washing walkways, etc. You should also try re-paving your driveway if it is in disrepair.
• Add or upgrade outdoor lighting: Ample outdoor lighting not only makes your home look better, it also helps instill in potential buyers a sense of security. If you have a deck or patio, string lights can make it more inviting and help you better enjoy those gorgeous summer nights at home!
• Paint the exterior: The best time to paint the exterior of your home is in the summer. You’d be amazed at how much a little paint job can add value to your home and how much fun you can have doing it.
• Repaint the interior: If it has been a while since you painted the interior of your home, it is probably time to consider a new paint job. You may even wish to change the entire color scheme.
• Renovate (or update) the bathroom/kitchen: Let’s not neglect the inside of your home. Clean, attractive kitchens and bathrooms are also huge magnets when it comes to selling a home. You can go for a major, professional renovation or you can go small by buying a new vanity, adding a low-flush toilet, re-tiling surfaces, replacing faucets and shower heads, etc.
These are a just a few summer projects you can undertake in order to beautify and increase the value of your home. There are many other things you can do plus apps that can help you envision the final outcome of your efforts. As a local Simi Valley realtor it is my experience that people who take great care of their home get a much better price when it is time to sell. Contact me if you are interested in seeing the value of your Simi Valley home for sale.

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Lynn Ranch in Thousand Oaks

Welcome to the Lynn Ranch Neighborhood in Thousand Oaks
Lynn Ranch is one of the largest neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks, California. Most of the homes here have custom floor plans and large sized lots. Additionally, these homes are built in the ranch style with room for horses – a luxury equestrians will love as residents of Lynn Ranch. Let’s take a look at some information about this sprawling and amenity-rich community that you as a buyer may want to know.
Quick Fact
• HOA Fees here average $100 annually (WOW!)
• Most homes range in size from 1,219 – 4,572 square feet.
• Lynn Ranch homes are located in the Conejo Valley Unified School district which is one of the best school districts in the state of California.
• The average sale price for a home in 2019 here was $1,175,711.
• Homes in Lynn Ranch stay on the market for an average of 128 days (2019), but typically sell for close to asking price.
• Residents of Lynn Ranch include a mixture of families, empty nesters, and everything in between.
• The community dates back to 1961.
• The homes in Lynn Ranch are about $630,000 – $2,350,000 and sit on half-acre lots.
Things to do near Lynn Ranch
The beautiful well kept homes are not the only thing that lures new home buyers to the area. Lynn Ranch residents can find many sources of entertainment here including:
Gardens of the World – is a beautiful and free garden that showcases gardens from around the globe. The park also hosts live jazz concerts during the summer.
Farmer’s Market – is a kid friendly market stocked with fresh produce.
The Lakes – is a beautiful shopping center situated near a beautifully manicured lake, garden and sculptures.
Arroyo Conejo Trailhead – 302 acres bounded by Wildwood Park and Conejo Canyons
Lynn Ranch is just one of the hundreds of Conejo Valley neighborhoods to consider as you begin your home search. Contact me with your expectation and requirements so that I can help you select this or any other neighborhood that is right for your family. This way you will be able to can save time looking at homes that fail to meet your needs. You will also be able to embark on a new and exciting journey in a new location. As a Thousand Oaks realtor with Thousand Oaks homes for sale, helping families in this way is my delight and my area of expertise.

lynn ranch

Profile of Lynn Ranch in Thousand Oaks, CA

A well-established neighborhood that dates back to 1961, Lynn Ranch is located in Thousand Oaks, in the southeastern part of Ventura County. Due to its beautiful surroundings this idyllic community continues to develop and grow. Some of the favorite pastimes in the area include hiking and biking and let’s not forget horseback riding as there is nearby Wildwood Park, which encompasses hundreds of acres.
The Lynn Ranch neighborhood is easily accessible to the freeway and is close to The Oaks Mall, Amgen, and Los Robles Hospital. Many of the homes there are custom built and well constructed. Thus, the neighborhood is abounding with single-family homes. This varied community is filled with homes representing a wide range of time periods and styles. In general, homes in Lynn Ranch are about $630,000 – $2,350,000 and sit on half-acre lots with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Many of the homes there have 2 and even 3-car garages.
Home listings in Lynn Ranch remain on the market for an average 93 days but are typically purchased at close to the asking price. Property taxes here average about $7,300 per year while HOA fees are usually around $32 which is quite reasonable. These organizations help maintain the beauty and safety of an already lovely community that has an already extremely low crime rate.
Residents of Lynn Ranch are surrounded by a wide variety of food and shopping choices. Nearby restaurants offer everything from Thai food to BBQ to Mexican food and many other local delights. Several malls and fine shops surround the area as well including the Promenade at Westlake, Marshalls, The Shops of Westlake Village, and many others.
In short, both buyers and sellers need experts to help them navigate the Lynn Ranch market and in the nation as a whole as this data is constantly changing. A real estate experts such as my team can help home buyers and sellers in their ability to research and collate data that effects the decision to either buy or sell a home. As a Thousand Oaks realtor I can help you make this decision which will affect you, your children, their education, your job and your life in general. We have Thousand Oaks homes for sale to suit a variety of needs.


Spotlight on the Verona Neighborhood in Moorpark, CA

The Verona neighborhood is located in Moorpark, California. It mostly features expansive homes that are competitively priced. Most of the homes here were homes were built from 1990 – 1996 and most have from 4 –5 bedrooms ranging in size from 2386 – 4083 square feet. As such, the homes in the Verona neighborhood are relatively new and the surrounding community well established and low in crime. What makes other features make the Verona so attractive? Let’s take a look at some reasons why so many growing families have chosen to make this community their home.


Amenities are not only nice to have in neighborhood and make it more comfortable; it also boosts a home’s value. Here are some amenities that most home in the Verona have.

• Large lots, many have ample space for a pool if one is not already built-in.
• Stunning views of the surrounding county and communities.
• Reasonable HOA fees that cover front landscape and community pool maintenance.
• All floor plans have indoor laundry.
• Community Pool!
• Excellent schools, friendly neighborhoods with parks and recreational opportunities.


The Verona neighborhood lies within the Moorpark School District. The schools here are among some of the top rated institutions in the area. A partial list of Verona/Moorpark schools is provided below:
Arroyo West K-5, public
Chaparral Middle School 6-8, public
Moorpark High School 9-12, public

More Verona Facts

The Verona neighborhood is located directly across the street from Moorpark High School. This is very convenient for students to be able to walk to school to avoid the hassles of a high school parking lot! The Verona neighborhood is also very close to the local shopping center including Vons and Lemmo’s! Lemmo’s is a local, family-owned restaurant that you will certainly want to try and you can simply stroll over! The tightknit community vibe that exists in the Verona neighborhood is truly something amazing and something that any young family will appreciate.
You can search many homes for sale in this community online. However, the bottom line is that shopping for a home online is not necessarily a bad thing but you should always supplement it with an in person viewing with a qualified agent. The Verona neighborhood in Moorpark, CA is an ideal community with above average schools and amenities. As a Moorpark realtor with many Moorpark homes for sale, I can help you in your search for the perfect home by giving you information that you cannot otherwise obtain with a brief search through the online home aggregating sites.


Deauville: An Overview of Affordable Elegance

Deauville is a neighborhood in Moorpark, California. The Deauville neighborhood mostly features expansive homes that are competitively priced. It is a well-established community that continues to attract interest from buyers looking for a place to live in the Moorpark area. What makes the homes in the Deauville community so appealing? Let’s take a look at some reasons why choosing to live here could be one of the best decisions you can ever make.


What is life without amenities? Here are a few amenities to living in the Deauville neighborhood.
• Large lot sizes. The average is about 1/2 acre.
• Amazing views of the surrounding county and communities especially from two story homes.
• HOA fees that are reasonably priced.
• Laundry rooms.
• All of the homes in the community have access to one of their own community pools.
• Excellent schools, friendly neighborhoods with parks and recreational opportunities so that one never feels isolated even within the community.
The Deauville community is zoned for some of the best, top rated winning schools in the area and it is recognized year after year as being a great place to live. A partial list of Deauville/Moorpark schools includes:
Walnut Canyon Elementary School
Arroyo West Active Learning Academy
Chaparral Middle School
Moorpark High School

More Deauville Facts

In general, homes in the Deauville tract are about $890,000 – $1.1 million (with some exceptions) and sit on quarter-acre lots with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. If you have a high school student they will enjoy the luxury of being able to walk to school every day! Similarly, you are just a stones throw away from the elementary school, Arroyo West. As a Moorpark realtor I can personally speak to how living in the right community plays to the quality of life you will enjoy. It plays a vital role in the quality of the schools your children will attend and in the career opportunities you will have. The Deauville community is one of the most popular communities in Moorpark and is known for providing its residents with (fairly) affordable elegance. Contact me today to visit a home in one of these vibrant communities. As one of the best Moorpark realtors, I can help guide you to making the perfect selection on a new home and neighborhood.


Spotlight on Belmont in Moorpark, CA

Belmont is a neighborhood located in Moorpark, CA that is ideal for people who are seeking, comfortable and safe single-family homes. The homes in this neighborhood represent a typical California neighborhood. Generally, the homes in this neighborhood range in price from $720,000 – $760,000 (of course with some deviation) and rest on larger than average lots. The homes there have three to four bedrooms and plenty of space for your family to grow. Finally, many homes feature amenities such as 2 or 3-car garages and spacious driveways as well as a community pool.

Floor Plans

The Belmont Community was built in the mid 1990’s and has three different models. These are great homes for young families as there are many kids in the neighborhood. Throughout the years many families seem to cycle through the neighborhood as it offers the perfect size home for a growing family. Therefore, there always seem to be children to play with and neighbors to enjoy! The different models offer ample square footage for young families with different layouts for different needs. Be sure to check out the model with a downstairs bedroom!
Another thing that lures buyers to this particular neighborhood is some of its top rated schools. Moorpark has some of the top rated, award winning schools in the state and it is recognized year after year as being a great place to live. A partial list of Belmont/Moorpark schools includes:
Walnut Canyon Elementary School
Arroyo West Elementary
Mountain Meadows
Peach Hill

Advantage to Living in the Belmonts

The Belmont neighborhood is walking distance to the local elementary school, Arroyo West. This is convenient for children who wish to bike to school or simply a great way to avoid sitting in a long line of cars every morning! If you enjoy a little bit longer of a stroll the local market, Vons is also very close. Within the neighborhood is a large park that is gated that is great for playing baseball or catch with your dog. The open grass fields are the perfect place for young kids to run safely.
All in all, Belmont is a proud and safe neighborhood where residents enjoy having a sense of community. The best way to figure out whether or not a home here is the right choice for you is to gather all the facts, do your research, and to schedule an appointment for a viewing. My Ventura County real estate team can help you decide what is best for you in the near and long term. We have Moorpark homes for sale that suit a variety of needs.